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The collector

Description of me?

I see the majority of people as evil. They are only happy in their selfish acts: Greed “give to me”, Lust “satisfy me”, and Pride “look at me”.

I have no physical collections of anything. So thieves cannot break in and steal, so nothing can corrode, and insects cannot destroy. I collect memories. I possess nothing in that nothing shall possess me. So through poverty, I gain riches.

I never trust those who are generous and very friendly, because the only value of a friend is when they stick by you during the trouble times. So therefore only on a battlefield will you know where their loyalty lies. Only the enemy of my enemy will I call my friends. So through hatred, I find a love.

I believe it is easier to trust people who hate me, more so than those who call themselves my friend. I always expect those who hate me to attack me and let me down; it’s those who are closest to me whom really disappoint and can be dangerous. So through warring, I find a peace.

So with this mindset, I do not make many friends, and I do not have a lot of friends… but then again do you honestly believe that you do?

I’ve got a friend in Jesus.

[Apr 25 2007, last modified Jul 17 2008]


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