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I deleted most of what I wrote only to realize that some of it met my standards

happylong is the idea that if a person has genetically engineered bacteria as part of their body or at the GI tract those bacteria could react to a particular sound; proteus bacteria may be well structured at this; on reacting to the sound the bacteria produce or release chemicals like peptides that make the persons brain feel like it is on nitrous oxide; the effect is that if a person commits a serious ethical error any near person can make a noise at them to suddenly cause nitrous like happiness that neutralizes the purpose or activities of the person thought to be ethically at error; nitrous is the model drug as it is pleasant yet completely lacks retry urge; so much so that it is used as a food additive; nitrous operates on opiate receptors giving the idea that retry urge neutral pleasure chemicals could be created around that receptor structure; happylong is ethical as the person feels much happier than if they were using their brain with social or manipulative capability; happylong is rather like the idea of a "time-out" that can be applied to humans generally absent harm; the duration of happylong may be months or longer; a previous idea was basically, what if people could just direct narcolepsy at each other during conflict; happiness is superior to narcolepsy thus happylong

happylong big sister is watching you Ai makes wikipedia quizzes at the article a number of baby n medical ideas

modify TCA cycle to cure heart disease as well as he popular items like bodyknitting n creating green visions I've had a thing up now for more than an hour titled warp drive but I'm just not making anything

therres the front door of what became time there's nonspecific ping theres Nplus dimensional compression wave there's rotational niceness what color is that: the 7 color toroid n the multicolor map as restated with frequency shift [], multiples or nonmultiples; multiples

basically you've read about how the most possible uniques to color a toroid is seven, but if you think of color as frequency, then have a gradually varying frequency color each area of the toroid is there a different number of digitization apetures to overlay on that gradually shifting frequency; kind of like edges n vertices creating each other but being diffrent n numbers; i guees thats dumb, its just any seven things, frequency already has period, polarization, pulsed or cw, presence or absence, thus two frequencies can map any toroid(maybe not as abscence lacks border definition)

uhmmm, horseshoecrab 3d curve with curvelets frequency pilu up variances places

the monopole halbach arrangment of permanent magnets as a metaphor for structured direction of a multifield of bayesian nomofields; faraday link path ---> ))) woot non edge flipsky

basically with time you group tropisms to create evitability; with a translation math function between the unique points of cumulative evitability n a halbach array; then decompile or rather find the smallest "group" you can flip create a drift of the entire assemblage; faraday did his trick with a rotation transform about a linear function; a "glider gun" like reshape of a halbach group metaphor as a cluster of bayesian tropisms creates a secondary metadirection to time, which if bayes is right effects npc versions of near time as well cartesian ovals http://www.mathematische-basteleien.de/eggcurves.htm 2304((5-x)²+y²)-(3x²+3y²-40x+44)²=0 produces another curve outside the egg curve.

cassini ovals

launch from the equator idea; k, you've got crudely 2d time, then you find difference; then repeat

<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">Mac the GMAC</span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">GMAC makes more than GM the biggest carmaker</span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">the rather peculiar use of the word mac here goes with an opportunity </span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">basically when people finance their cars there is a financial opportunity GMAC is yet to be aware of</span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">its a variation on currency valuation risk</span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">there are variations</span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)"> </span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">also possible is having people contribute GM union dues as dollars; keep as a different currency; split valuation growth with the management </span>
<span onmouseover="bigger(this)" onmouseout="normal(this)">yet if currency valuation method is futzy; capability remains </span>

I'm thinking of a person addressing a convention composed of fbi agents as well as those out to make more money from the automotive group basically Fords margin per vehicle was near .02 yet a currency speculator averages .07; I'm using Mac the GMAC as thats more memorable sounding plus GMAC had more than 20 billion revenue, a pt of that is 200 million

its pretty plausible to shift a pt at the person side

there are variations: girl scout: share the difference trick any of (driver, leaser, builder) I'm going with the girl scout version

person gets car, dp is converted to favored currency, after a year person is given wonderful opportunity to use some of the appreciated difference on fuel or repair (referral$) or even amount remaining on car; they must be willing to adjust if currency goes a way different than predicted yet the entity they got the car from is permitted to demand value; note the entity makes more if they predict currency direction accurately

there are numerous variations like "complimentary" trickoutthevehicle goodies based on the predicted currency change or complimentary labor or parts

anyway I think fbi agents as well as those out to make more money from the automotive group now have a feeling for the opportunities or risks that go with this idea

[Nov 04 2003, last modified Apr 06 2008]


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