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Bookworm is currently working as a legal secretary in Hawaii. Or at least he would be if he weren't wasting time on the HB.

[May 01 2000]
(+6, -1) Answering machine w/ supersede/cancel
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) deadmemepool
 Double resolution
(+7, -1) Genre thesauri
(+16, -3)(+16, -3) Lego furniture
(+9, -2) Movie Matchmaking
(+7, -2) Other People's Views
(+5, -1) Smart window fan
(+7, -2) Translucent biff
(+6, -1) Web scorefiles
(+16, -1)(+16, -1) Weekly alarm clock
(+8, -1) Wireless public transportation map

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