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earlpawtucket @ hotmail dot com

We should be careful

Of each other, we should be kind

While there is still time.

--Philip Larkin

Favourite Beatles song right now: "She's Leaving Home"

Favourite Alistair MacLean novel: *The Golden Rendezvous*

Favourite material for carving stamps out of: Speedball Speedy-Stamp (the pink stuff)

[Apr 17 2002]

(+10, -3) 100 lashes on the paint job
(+11)(+11) Apology Flag
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Mirror-Mist
(+41, -2)(+41, -2)(+41, -2) Museum of Mistakes
(+69, -5)(+69, -5)(+69, -5) Puppymania
(+9, -4) The Meteorological School of Thought

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