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Yes, this CO2 molecule is so tricky. You can produce it so easily, but it is so stabile, and hard to split. Would it not be logical, if we produce CO2 in such quntities, can not we make the reverse, and simply destroy it, make carbon and oxygene. The material is abundant. In each coal plant, we could sequestrate CO2, there are materials that absorb CO2, and can release it. But what to do with it, compress it into the holes in the ground, and than what...release a bactery that eats it, oh please no...we have seen such trials, thank you, but no... The best things are done by itself, the plants, yes they made by itself what we can not with all our technollogy. They made a way to insert an H atom, from water, and made the whole world. Problem is that CO2 is on low energy level, it needs energy to destroy, and it must be a solar energy, othervise it would release more CO2. This experiment with parabolic mirror is logical, make a hot soup, all the particles are excited and loose, than add some field . Ok, but it only released one atom, the other is even deeper in the structure, and it wont give up. I thought, maybe these resonant frequencies, if you hit it right into the structure....boom, and than a strong electric field , ha, no return. If you do it once, make CO, maybe it can be done again, and split CO the same way, on a different frequency .... This has been done before, lasers are used in infrared spectrometry, a fact is, that gases absorb energy on the right wave lenght, that is used on small scale, to analyse.

[Sep 23 2011, last modified Sep 11 2013]
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