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[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> to reclaim it. ]

An unemployed computer unprofessional, she was once nearly fired for using the word "specious" in a counter-argument about C include files. Other professional highlights include fighting a bad review caused by a false accusation that she was writing poetry at work, by taking up poetry writing at work, so that she could then give it up (now doggerel-free since 2000, after writing a generator to do it automatically); and being asked by professional colleagues if she really was a witch, based on a truly inane comment made in a Usenet posting on an unrelated topic that somehow made it into .sig files in one or two places. (The answer is no, I'm not, but I'll gladly curse you if you ask nicely enough.)

Currently residing in a comfortable (if temporary) fantasy.

[Jan 04 2003]

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