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It's what's known as a "slide hammer" in English (I think). If ever you've heard one of these, it goes "skoom" when you lift it up, and then "phemph" when you whack it down. So it's an ononatopoeic Zulu word (possibly not one of those well-established ones you find in Cope and Nyembezi, though) for a piece of pipe you weld handles onto for the two operators to use, a big lump of metal (eg a small section of railway line) onto the closed end. You slip this pipe over a fence post, position the fence post where you want to knock it in, straighten things up, and then the pair of you lift it (skoom), steady up, whack it down (phemph). Oh, and you let the weight do most of the whacking work.

[Feb 25 2014]
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