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B- but B+ wannabe

less is more

favorite halfbaker: gizmo
favorite brew: schneider aventinus weizenbock

if you have laser printer recommendations, kindly send them to { myHalfbakeryHandle } + "@yahoo.com" thanks

cutting room floor: (a) Personal Corruptor: a personal trainer for the obsessively fit.

Helps guys have that second beer. Exercise? Not now, there's a Gilligan's Island rerun on, and they're having coconut cream pies. And ladies: after that sumptuous dinner, don't skip the marble cake. Go for it! Your personal corruptor says to.

(b) Laser-Guided Pin-a-Roach. Eliminates cockroaches, and is it ever fun. Shoots sewing needles on a string. String can be retracted like a tape measure, bringing roach into 2nd chamber (much larger than needle chamber) for disposal. No, the needle cartridge is not called a roach clip. Although this invention is too dangerous to ever see the light of day, I really could have used one in Taiwan, and if I ever move back there, my friend and I will construct a single secret unit, sans string and disposal chamber.

[Jun 13 2002, last modified Aug 29 2019]

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