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I will not discuss politics with you.

My political position is that the halfbakery is not a place where I want to discuss politics.

I don't care who you are, what you think of me, or how many people you have in your gang: I will NOT discuss politics with you.

If this declaration offends you, then it's you I'm talking to.

If you don't like it - tough! Go howl at the moon.


Yes, I remember this place fondly. I've walked these hills and valleys before, when I was called tsuka. I slid away, saddened at the savage delight with which certain delinquents repeatedly soiled this lovely landscape with political waste. During a bonfire of the sanities, I just walked away.

I feel like I've come home, to a certain degree, even though it's fairly obvious that we can never really go all the way home.

I've missed my old friends. If any of you would like to talk again, you can contact me through my site http://www.coffeetradejustice.com - where you can see some of what I'm up to these days.

[Nov 03 2004, last modified Nov 12 2004]

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