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I'm nineteen(as of July, 2004), I'm a high-school graduate (by a hair), and I have a head full of weird ideas. I think the world could be greatly improved if everyone liked to sit around and talk about strange stuff. Sleep doesn't come easily when you have about a hundred unresolved thoughts floating about in your head. This website is a dream come true for me. I can share my ideas with a group of people who have an enthusiasm for this sort of thing, and get earnest feedback, rather than strange looks. I've always been into sciency stuff, and some of my other favorite websites are wondir, androidworld, discoverychannel, and howstuffworks. My favorite TV show is Mythbusters.

If you're wondering about the user name, I saw it in the list of ingredients on a can of whipped cream. It made me laugh, so I used it.

email: whippinggas@hotmail.com

Wow, you actually read this.

[Apr 06 2005, last modified Apr 11 2005]

(+4, -2) Conversation Captioning
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(+4, -2) Heavy Blade
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(+12, -7) Impossible Hangman
(+15, -4)(+15, -4) Leaning Car
(-2) Multi-contest webservice
(+4) Music Synchronization
(+8, -2) Nose-hair Alarm Clock
(+2) Steel-toe slippers

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