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Subcategories of "food".
[general]    Alcohol    Alcohol: Frozen 
Alcohol: Wine    Alcopop    Beer 
Beer: Acohol Content    Beer: Additive    Beer: Character 
Beer: Herb    Beer: Home Brew    Beer: Keg 
Beer: Packaging    Beer: Transport    Bread 
Bread: Ingredient    Bread: Shape    Bread: Sliced 
Burger    Butter    Cereal 
Cereal: Baked Goods    Cereal: Branding    Cereal: Packaging 
Cereal: Shape    Cereal: Theme    Chocolate 
Chocolate: Brand    Chocolate: Coating    Chocolate: Shape 
Coffee    Coffee: Brewing    Coffee: Condiment 
Combination    Communication    Complete 
Condiment    Condiment: Ketchup    Condiment: Mix 
Cookie    Cookie: Fortune Cookie    Cookie: Oreo 
Cracker    Dairy    Dairy: Cheese 
Dairy: Cheese: Shape    Decoy    Delivery 
Delivery: Airborne    Delivery: Automatic    Delivery: Extras 
Dessert    Dispenser    Doughnut 
Drink    Drink: Cola    Drink: Milk 
Drink: Packaging    Drink: Soda Pop    Drive-Through 
Egg    Farming    Farming: Bee 
Farming: Greenhouse    Farming: Livestock    Farming: Location 
Farming: Poultry    Farming: System    Farming: Water 
Fast Food    Fish    Flavoring 
Fried    Frozen    Fruit 
Genital    Gum    Gum: Annoyance 
Gum: Filling    Ha-ha Dangerous    Heating 
Ice    Ice Cream    Ice Cream: Ingredient 
Ingredient    Juice    Leftovers 
Liquified    Measurement    Meat 
Meat: Bacon    Meat: Jerky    Mint 
Office Supplies    Office Supplies: Paper    Packaging 
Packaging: Can    Packaging: Condiment    Packaging: Crumbs 
Packaging: Display    Packaging: Donuts    Packaging: Drink Container 
Packaging: Drink Container: Bottle    Packaging: Drink Container: Bottle: Thermos    Packaging: Drink Container: Box 
Packaging: Drink Container: Pressure    Packaging: Edible    Packaging: Labeling 
Packaging: Lunch Box    Packaging: Portion    Packaging: Reusable 
Packaging: Seeds    Packaging: Slice    Packaging: Spoiling 
Packaging: Temperature    Packaging: Tube    Packaging: Yoghurt Pot 
Pancake    Pasta    Pasta: Math 
Pastry    Pet Food    Pizza 
Pizza: Delivery    Popcorn    Popcorn: Bucket 
Popcorn: Microwave    Potato    Potato: Chip or Crisp 
Poultry    Preparation    Recipe 
Restaurant    Restaurant: Animal    Restaurant: Buffet 
Restaurant: Burger Bar    Restaurant: Diet    Restaurant: DIY 
Restaurant: Entertainment    Restaurant: Feature    Restaurant: Food Specialty 
Restaurant: Hi-Tech    Restaurant: Historic    Restaurant: Hygiene 
Restaurant: Ice Cream Parlor    Restaurant: International    Restaurant: Kids 
Restaurant: Marine    Restaurant: Menu Selection    Restaurant: Money 
Restaurant: Motion    Restaurant: Ordering    Restaurant: Rating 
Restaurant: Service    Restaurant: Small Plates    Restaurant: Sound 
Restaurant: Sushi    Restaurant: Table    Restaurant: Theme 
Restaurant: Theme: Bad    Restaurant: Theme: Game    Restaurant: Vision 
Salad    Salt    Sandwich 
Shape    Soda Pop    Sound Effect 
Soup    Soup: Alphabet    Spice 
Spray    Sweet    Sweet: Gummy 
Sweet: Jello    Sweet: Marshmallow    Sweet: Shape 
Sweet: Side Effect    Sweet: Sugar    Tea 
Tea: Bag    Temperature    Toast 
Toast: Printer    Vegetable    Vegetable: Mushroom 
Vegetable: Pea    Vegetable: Shape    Vegetarianism 
Vending Machine    Water       


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