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A Wee Man Running on a Tyre

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Instead of wind driven toys like the man sawing a log, or turning a propeller, I would like to see a range of bicycle powered devices.

These would simply harvest a tiny amount of the drive used to power the bike, via a small internal shaft drive. The resulting loss of power by this diversion would be negligible.

We could have a figure bounding along the top edge of a tyre; a bird with flapping wings or a struggling fish who appears to be towing the bike in an effort to escape capture, or even a figure riding a miniature bicycle who keeps wobbling from side to side, but never quite looses their balance.

(if only I was an engineer with lots of money to waste)

xenzag, Jun 22 2011

do you mean something like this? http://toys-and-hob...rices--sc1287958432
[xandram, Jun 22 2011]

Bike-powered blender http://altenergypsu...owered-blender.html
A practical "toy" for your bike. [Canuck, Jun 25 2011]

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       Such a good idea that it must be baked already, surely!   

       My daughter would love a spinning ballerina...
Ling, Jun 22 2011

       It would make a lovely distraction from the busy traffic, oh, wait.
marklar, Jun 22 2011

       When I was wee I had an aeroplane mounted on my handlebars, the propellor spun in the wind. A real incentive to pedal faster! It was designed and manufactured specifically for handlebar mount. But I like the idea of a wheel running along the top of the front tyre so [+]. It could be designed to clip onto the leading edge of the front mudguard.
pocmloc, Jun 22 2011

       Very good. Make mine a galloping horse please.   

       [+] After re-reading this, I see it is not like my link!!
xandram, Jun 22 2011

       Having taken a peek at the link, I found a "Bicycle Wind Spinner - Poison Dart Frog " and was wondering however did they train the frog to ride the bike, or am I being naive and they just superglued its feet to the pedals///
not_morrison_rm, Jun 22 2011

       Is [8th] going to order a cat that can't run quite as fast as the wheel?
TomP, Jun 23 2011

       A tad Running man / following man pt. 2 [] All fun ideas though. +
daseva, Jun 23 2011

       When I was a wee lad, we used clothes pins to hold one end of a playing card between the spokes of our bicycle wheels. Made a nice effect.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jun 24 2011

       According to the builder's blog, the blender in my link was inspired by an "uncooking" class, so I guess I can't call this idea "Baked".   

       For my bike can I get a powered fan to cool me off while I ride?
Canuck, Jun 25 2011


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