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Bee Hive Pants

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i saw some nazi pants on tv that seemed to have a great deal of extra space on the sides and then i heard of a person living with 13,000 bees in his apartment.

it seems to me there should be such a thing

this is a way for bee keepers to travel with their bees

people take their dogs and cats for walks in special dog and cat baby strollers so why not pants with honeycombs built into the sides

last thought here, it might be a very pleasing sensation to wear pants that vibrate naturally

vfrackis, Aug 28 2012

Not enough jam and banjo Bee-Releasing_20Jam-Filled_20Banjo_20Leg
[theleopard, Aug 29 2012]

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       Ys or boxers?
pocmloc, Aug 28 2012

       I heard about this idea - it's all the buzz...and I thought you were just winging it.
normzone, Aug 28 2012

       There's a sting in the tail...   

       hang on, are we talking American English "pants" or UK English "pants"?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2012

       Well I was talking about the latter, I don't know about anyone else.
pocmloc, Aug 28 2012

       + But where do they make the honey?
xandram, Aug 28 2012

       one hive in each leg   

       the honey would be produced in each leg hive
vfrackis, Aug 28 2012

       Sorry? Eh? No banjo?
Dub, Aug 29 2012

       Nothing like two warring bee hives meeting at your groin.
rcarty, Aug 29 2012

       You could call them Lehives. bzzzzzzzz +
xenzag, Aug 29 2012

       The pants should have glass U-shaped toroid turnups, to catch any honey that might drip down.
calum, Aug 29 2012

       "Is that a massive swarm of bees in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
doctorremulac3, Aug 29 2012

       //Nothing like two warring bee hives meeting at your groin   

       there probably is a comparable experience, but nobody want to find out...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 29 2012

       It occurs to me gonads are like small hives.
rcarty, Aug 29 2012

       I'd have that looked into.
doctorremulac3, Aug 29 2012


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