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Bluetooth yoga shoes

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Pair of yoga friendly shoes with built in Bluetooth receivers. One foot is the microphone, the other the speaker.
evilpenguin, Jul 07 2012


       Humor appreciated, but specifically what characteristics are required in order for a shoe (or a pair of shoes) to be considered 'yoga friendly'?
Alterother, Jul 07 2012

       No cleats
evilpenguin, Jul 07 2012

Alterother, Jul 07 2012

       You take your shoes off before entering a yoga studio, silly. No shoes ever allowed.
blissmiss, Jul 08 2012

       Unless you're doing yoga in the park or something similar.
MechE, Jul 08 2012

       Bluetooth Yoga pinky-toe rings?
Alterother, Jul 08 2012


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