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Sell alcohol thats already wrapped in the brown paper bag.
shinobi, Jun 05 2004

1/25 Baked. http://aiwest.com/G...ics/lea-perrins.gif
[Laimak, Apr 09 2005]

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       You mean the container itself would imitate a brown paperbag? Would be a nice sales gimmic, like fake moonshine sold in jars instead of bottles.
kbecker, Jun 05 2004

       They have Mississippi Black & Tan, that comes in a bottle that simulates a brown paper wrapper.
natewill, Apr 08 2005

       Dispense with the bottle. It will be lighter and cheaper. You could actually just have a roll of plastic bags and have the shopkeeper fill it for you from the tap.   

       Of course, you would have to bite off a corner of the bag and hold it over your head to drink.
bungston, Apr 09 2005


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