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Come Back Quietly

"Ideas with a light background
  [vote for,

...have been modified since you were out - that's since Sun, Mar 25 2012, 22:23:51 (-05:00)."

I took a silly bit of a wiki-walk today, though it had nothing at all to do with a wiki. From gmail to LinkedIn to phoning a stranger and setting up a lunch appointment, then paging through other strangers and finally remembering a long lost love. I see Jutta is still at Google, bless her, and the Halfbakery lives on!

I'm positively elated, and seek your down-votes for my non-idea. Thank you so much, all of you, for preserving (and/xor persevering) this pure, lovely example of black-on-white human wonder.

<whisper> I'm back. </whisper>

absterge, Jul 30 2015

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       Welcome back ([-], as requested)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2015

       Take that bone, you old bonehead. How dare you go astray? You are now going to be sentenced for your unforgivable behavior.   

       I sentence you to however long it takes, non-stop, no break reading of all [Vernon's] ideas, back to back.   

       We shall see you in another 3 years. Bon Voyage.
blissmiss, Jul 30 2015

       Welcome back, stranger! <OR>
Welcome back stranger!
csea, Jul 30 2015

       [blissmiss], what? Only the ideas? Not the annotations to them, as well?
Vernon, Jul 31 2015

       // <whisper> I'm back. </whisper> //   

       You still can't have the pants, the boots or the motorcycle. So there.
8th of 7, Jul 31 2015

       <boorish shout> HELLO! HEY EVERYONE LOOK WHO'S TRYING TO SNEAK IN THE SIDE DOOR! </boorish shout>
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2015

       welcome back!
hippo, Jul 31 2015

       Welcome back. How long has it been?
nineteenthly, Jul 31 2015

       I am just so disproportionately happy, inordinately so. Thank you so much for the bones, my friends.   

       I'll not take leave 3 years at a time again, bliss - I only get to do this once, y'know? And, um, may I just read the ideas (including annotations, naturally) since last I was here? ... I'd better stretch out and warm up my reading eyes.   

       It's been approximately 3.35342 years. I should have timed it to be 3.14159265 instead. Ah, well.
absterge, Jul 31 2015

       Hello absterge!
calum, Jul 31 2015

: ]

       only three.3 years? psh amateur! [-]
dentworth, Aug 01 2015


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