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Borrow power for your bike (neve give it back)
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Make pedalling a thing of the past..... hook your bike to the nearest truck or bus and off you go.

The cycle-loan-power attaches to the top tube of any bike and has an extensible shaft of around 2m with a built in telescopic shock absorber. At the business end, it has a electromagnet constructed using room-temperature superconductors that provides immense strenght/weight adhesion power.

Find yourself a convenient bus or truck going your way, extend the shaft, flick the switch and you are off! The initial power is from a rechargeable cell, but there is a built in hub-dynamo to provide additional power and adhesion at higher speeds. Arrive at your destination, flick the switch and off you go.

hamiltonpruim, Mar 08 2005

Room temperature superconductors http://www.ultraconductors.com/
It's the real thing..... [hamiltonpruim, Mar 08 2005]

without a super-conductor, without room temperature http://www.youtube....watch?v=PJupNDIKkEk
and without a bike [pashute, May 17 2009]


       Aren't room-temp superconductors still science fiction?
Soterios, Mar 08 2005

       Yes. Otherwise a good idea.
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       You're wrong about room temperature superconductors being SF, BTW. I'd be more surprised if this hasn't been baked in some fashion ---- a hook or the like.
hamiltonpruim, Mar 08 2005


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