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A retrofit for all that great 35mm equipment.
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I would like someone to develop a digital camera array that fits into the space normally occupied by conventional 35mm film canisters. The unit would be P shaped with a very thin arm containing the array itself while the body (where the film would normally be coiled) would contain a the memory, a small battery and a Bluetooth array for ferrying the pictures out to your PC. To maintain the Retro-Mod quality the camera would give no external cue that it was now a digital camera. Triggering the array would be caused by a second polarized array that detects the opening of the apeture. To conserve the battery a motion sensor would sleep the unit while in storage. I know that every aspect of this is possible including the compact imaging array.

Untold thousands of wonderfull attractive high quality conventional cameras are being discarded every year in the switch to digital. I believe that many enthusiasts born and raised setting their F-stops and loving their old faithfull cameras would snap up such an upgrade. Seasons greetings to all.

WcW, Dec 25 2008

Digital Backs http://en.wikipedia...Digital_camera_back
Wiki's take on the subject. [DrCurry, Dec 25 2008]

First Google turned up this. http://findarticles...93/is_/ai_n24342217
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 25 2008]

A picture. http://www.imaging-...EWS/1000760900.html
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 25 2008]

like this? http://photo.net/di...opping-forum/008cxN
[Ian Tindale, Dec 25 2008]

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       You can get digital backs for a lot of the better film cameras. Slip the old one off and the digital back on.
DrCurry, Dec 25 2008

       You mean like the never-quite-made-it-to-market Irvine of about ten years ago? [link].
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 25 2008

       so close, so teasingly, promisingly possible and yet I cannot buy one. Somebody, re-tool your cheap korean knockoff camera factory today, there's money here. And forget the patent, all you need is some bells and whistles and bob's your uncle.
WcW, Dec 25 2008


       i imagine that a nowadays-digital camera, that can swap lenses is still a pretty penny. While the used analogs are not so bad. Am i wrong? I've quit even going to the pawn shop with mine. Not of value there, as it were.   

       I'm at an initial stage of a brainstorm ( where stupid is as welcome as not stupid ), a universal do-hickey that combines with the mirrors to allow view finder viewing of the pics, vid.   

       yea, sure the Ol aperature can be open or closed . No film to react. ...   

       um , well still working on it. I take back my , 'yea, sure.   

       I had not thought of this before. I like it. If only they hadn't used 35mm to begin with. So un-Inchs.
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 25 2008

       My latest acquisition, at the beginning of this month we're now at the end of, is a Voigtländer VF135. I really like it. I had one earlier in the beginning of this year, and swapped it for a faulty old Voigtländer Vitomatic II with a friend, but have lately really missed such a simple yet enjoyable little rangefinder, so I found another on ebay and bought it now for twenty quid. I've been using it constantly since, often with a tiny Olympus flash. I've just had two rolls of Fuji Neopan 400 through it, developed in the last of my new Ilfosol 3, which worked out quite nicely, but I've put some Ilford FP4+ in it now, pushed one stop to 250. We'll see how that turns out. Such a good lens.
Ian Tindale, Dec 25 2008


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