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Dismembered hand

One way to really screw with people's minds
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have a phone shaped like an extra hand. It would be good for laughs when somebody asks for a hand. Might fool people into thinking you are scratching your ear.
pathetic, Feb 09 2003

Close http://www.thefonez...ty/handholder.shtml
but no cigar: a hand-shaped mobile phone holder. [dalek, Oct 04 2004]

Wriggling Hand http://www.pjstrick...com/images/1609.jpg
Putting a phone in it doesn't stop it being a tired old joke. [dalek, Oct 04 2004]


       This would not be a hands free phone then?
half, Feb 09 2003

       Ahh, Thing! You rang?
lurch, Feb 10 2003

       With re-poseable fingers and detachable, variable size fingernails, one could root out earwax or pick one's nose (hygenically, of course) while one made a call.   

       A must for Trolls everywhere. (+).
8th of 7, Feb 10 2003


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