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Drunken Tank

Sobering Sluice backwise?
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I was riding the bus home the other day thinking about the 'Sobering Sluice' referenced on this site. Specifically, would it work? Did it make any sense?

Ethanol is a small molecule, so it does diffuse throughout the body. So maybe.

If it does in fact diffuse OUT, the corrolary is that it should diffuse IN.

THE IDEA: A reservoir of grain alcohol connected to your hot tub, with a fully adjustable concentration level.

Set that puppy for .05 %, lay back, and get drunk as you soak. For days and days if you want, with no wear and tear on your stomach.

SECONDARY BENEFIT: Keep your jacuzzi sterile without stinky bromine or toxic chlorine!

GutPunchLullabies, Feb 23 2006

Sobering Sluice, (c) Bungco Sobering_20sluice
The socially responsible version [GutPunchLullabies, Feb 23 2006]


       I don't think alcohol will diffuse through your skin. However, put it in a hot bath, and you will be inhaling the stuff, so you probably will get light-headed.
DrCurry, Feb 23 2006

       Can it have a pivoting trip-seat and a target for softballs?
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2006

       I also keep reading this as "slobbering juice". I have heard something about lowering ones testicles into a shot glass of cheap liquor. I will see if I can find instructions for you.
bungston, Feb 24 2006


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