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Earth biter

Jaws control shovel of earth mover
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The control of the hydraulics of the shovel fit inside the mouth and have force feedback: you will be able to feel if the shovel runs into rock.

I like the idea of biting into a mountain.

neelandan, Jul 04 2003

Proposed force feedback design for backhoes and other heavy equipment. http://www.applied-...gn.com/backhoe.html
Includes photos of scale models of the design for the backhoe. I think the intent is for teleoperation, though. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Gneiss idea.
n-pearson, Jul 04 2003

       + I've often thought that it would be fun to operate a back hoe type digger with a glove, etc, that translates movement of the joints of the arm.   

       I like this idea, but having observed the deftness with which some folks operate even huge earth moving equipment, I don't think it would yield much improvement in operability. A good operator does feel the varying composition of the ground as they're digging.
half, Jul 04 2003

       i saw something like this on battlebots ( some of the best technology has to offer to destroy itself ) this guy had a wire cage type thing on his arm to move the weapon . you could also hook the mouth mover thing up to taste buds and have different flavors represent different rock compositions , cherry for soil , strawberry for bedrock and fudge for a busted sewer pipe , i dont know if this would help the building process but it'd be cool.
slapdash loser, Jul 04 2003

       I like this idea. It could be extended to controlling a paintbrush with your tongue. Licking in all those hard-to reach corners.
Harry Mudd, Oct 24 2003

       Nice. You would have to have some kind of neck support though.
squeak, Oct 24 2003


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