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External Device Sticklebricks

Stickle-brick computer hardware together
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Remember the childs toy? Wouldnt it be great if you could stick your external devices eg usb modems, zip drives anywhere you liked on your PC.
DiSCo, Mar 26 2001


       Well there's Firerwire and USB connectors that allow daisy chain and tree linkups.   

       The number of PCI slots on my new Dell (four) is a problem already, all gone, only bought the machine just before Christmas. I will stick (for security) my external firewire CD-R_RW to the top of the computer case with Velcro though!
uked, Jan 06 2002

       No... I think he means, like, you just pop it onto the side... (sorta like K'Nex)   

       instead of sitting on the side or inside... you pop that sound card anywhere on the computer and use a ribbon to connect it to the motherboard's PCI slot
catman1229, Apr 16 2003

       I'd be too tempted to stick everything to one side until it all fell over...maybe thats just me.   

       And what is it about stickle bricks, I havent owned any for at least 10 years, yet every time i tidy up, more appear!
StealthFox, Jun 15 2004


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