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Fiddler Crab Coat Sleeves

Coat with one sleeve bigger than the other...
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Coat with one sleeve bigger than the other... so that on a cold day, you can stuff your right sleeve up the inside of the left one to keep the heat in.
xenzag, Jan 23 2007

http://www.laprensa...reddy_Rodriguez.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 23 2007]

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       + for originality. I don't think this would every be practically adopted into society, but it would look kinda cool on the runway.
twitch, Jan 23 2007

       //I don't think this would every be practically adopted into society// why not? Symmetry is over-rated.
xenzag, Jan 23 2007

       By golly, I've found your first customer. [link]   

       I've wanted a jacket like this since I was about four years old.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 24 2007

       Don't all Kung-Fu masters have these already?
theleopard, Jan 24 2007

       Where in hell did you get that picture of waugs at?
blissmiss, Jan 24 2007

       I must plead the fifth.   

       One sleeve always gets crumpled up - unless one is made bigger to accommodate it - hence the idea.
xenzag, Jan 24 2007

       So like a normal sleeve, only bigger?   

       (only joking)
theleopard, Jan 24 2007


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