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Flip Your Wig Key

Top right next to delete
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For moments of surreal frustration when nothing seems to be working out on-screen as it should be, the user bangs hard on the 'flip-your-wig' key.

For best effect, use it just as someone enters the room - as when you press the key, your hat/wig flies off with matching whirring siren noise.

This would require a compressed air pack somewhere in/around your hard drive, with a tube running up the inside of your leg to under your wig/hat.

Imagine looking across the office cubicles to see and hear hats and wigs flipping and jumping around, signalling each worker's relief of tension.

benfrost, May 31 2001

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       A spinning syrup, whatever next.
Aristotle, May 31 2001

       Now *this* is funny. If you can figure out a way to make it self-contained--with springs, perhaps?--you've got a gag-market winner.
Dog Ed, May 31 2001

       This gets funnier every time I think about it
AfroAssault, Jun 01 2001


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