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Glass level meter

Precognitive refills
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A tiny sensor capable of measuring fluid levels is placed in a drinking glass. A small radio transmitter in the base sends a signal to the reciever, alerting the server of diminished beverage quantities. The server can then appear with a refill just as the customer finishes.
Aq_Bi, Aug 22 2005

Intelligent beermat http://news.bbc.co....hnology/4298344.stm
[angel, Sep 30 2005]

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       Hmm, reminds me of a cup (given away with Coco Pops) which played a tune when it was raised... You could make your cup by modifying one of those as follows: 1) Add a timer 2) Change the circuit so that if it remains on the table for more than say 2 mins { => You've fogotten about it (very unlikely) or it's been left there 'cause it's empty!}, it plays a tune.
Dub, Aug 22 2005


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