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Guin Boarding

Shark bait?
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A fibreglass Penguin-tail board with a Carbon core and moulded Quad Channel bottom and upright flipper handles and bindings.

In essence, a graphically painted penguin shaped wake board where the split to one toggle release- tow line is attached to the two moveable flipper handles which you grip and adjust your weight accordingly as the speedboat manoeuvres.

The penguin with wakeboarder hanging on can now go for 'incredible pop off the wake' and carve on the wave.

Could be good fun with the Kneeguin as well.

skinflaps, Jul 07 2004

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       What is guin?
menotyou, Jul 08 2004

       The second half of Pen.
skinflaps, Jul 08 2004

       I thought that was Teller.
absterge, Jul 08 2004

       Cannot stop the mighty guin.   

       I had no clue that was a Bob Dylan song
normzone, Jul 09 2004

       In my head, guin reads like going. I was briefly worried by 2 fries' desire to prevent the mighty relieving themselves.
david_scothern, Jul 09 2004

       I thought this would be a way of locomotion first described in "The Left Hand of Darkness".
jutta, Jul 09 2004


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