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HB Etymology

Where did the term "half-baked" come from?
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My Grandparents were great lovers of words, and taught me to appreciate the English language in all its pleasures. So I'm often interested in how words originate, and tonight I sought to know more about the term "half-baked." A quick search found a fairly comprehensive reference [link].

I thought others might enjoy reading this. Since it's not really an idea, I'll delete this after a while.

Do other languages share this meaning?

csea, Aug 19 2009

"half baked" orgin http://www.barrypop...y/entry/half_baked/
OED traces it to 1621 [csea, Aug 19 2009]

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       "OED traces it to 1621"
Almost two years after [Jutta] established the site.
phoenix, Aug 19 2009


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