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Halfbakery Artistic Appreciation Calender 2003

there are a number of very talented artists in our midst whose creations to illustrate ideas at the Halfbakery are most appreciated.
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a calender of their works for the new Halfbakery year would, I am sure go down like a ton of half-baked bricks.

n.b. acknowledgement to his thumbness for the idea.

po, Nov 03 2002

(?) Solar-powered rocket cow http://www.nj2k.co....ts/prods/sprcow.jpg
Idea now deleted, but a great illustration. (Nov 05 2002) [NickTheGreat, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The Cat Ejection Pack in action ... http://bz.pair.com/fun/catrock.html
We just gotta have this one ... [8th of 7, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Fit/Fat Finder-Outer http://www.geocitie...fatfinderouter.html
I'm partial to this one [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

HBAA Calendar linked to the Really, Really Half-Baked Calendar http://moniplex.com...d_calendar/main.php
has no-one noticed I have trouble spelling calendar? [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       You going to put one together...?
DrCurry, Nov 03 2002

       funny you should say that good doctor.
po, Nov 03 2002

       To be truly half-baked should we not just do 6 months?
whimsickle, Nov 04 2002

       No - do all the months, just stop counting at 15.
PeterSilly, Nov 04 2002

       Er, po: you confuse my with my esteemed colleague, DrBob - I'm the mad doctor (or possibly the bad doctor, if you consult Herr Waugsqueke).
calum: no confusion likely, methinks.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2002

       [DrCurry] can't handle compliments, eh?
po, Nov 04 2002

       as the wise one implied - all donations should be made by the artist - no undue pressure applied.   

       the hot doctor may agree to help out - if I get him in an armlock - what did I say about undue pressure?   

       (anyone in touch with pottedstu as he is hot favourite for January)
po, Nov 05 2002

       funnily enough [8th] I agree with you - a classic.
po, Nov 06 2002


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