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Hearphone UI

A discussing interface for phones (and robots and computers)
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This new type of phone has no buttons, no touch screen, and perhaps not even a screen to show text with. It is totally audio, but with a different approach from AVR systems.

No more: For this dial one, for that dial seven...

It discusses what it understands with you in a communicative way, letting you use your own words, and telling you what it understood, asking you if the action it wishes to take is correct.

I wrote here several times about the intelligate company which I had the honor to check technologically for investors. It utilized the limited context that it was set for, say buying a plane ticket, and would discern out of free- text messages and a dialog asking you questions and getting you to point it in the correct direction - in free-text as well, until it got it right.

Hearphone will use a similar technique asking you a single question with several embedded assumptions, which will clarify what it is required to do and how. It would be like talking to an informal knowledgeable human.

One of the main features of this new UI is that is constantly "asking you" several questions to be solved together "at once", using assumptions.

Currently Google does something similar when "suggesting" - asking: Did you mean ... ? But that is only one type of question and not a full conversation. With HearphoneUI (HearUI) the question would be with context and your wish would be narrowed through conversation: Are you looking for a movie with that or a similar name, or for information about an event that happened in history. Your answer: I'm looking for a movie that I want to take out. HearUI: Oh! do you want to watch the movie or scenes from it, or are you looking for information about the movie?

Of course, for this to work, some type of proxy will need to take the information (in this case given by google) and break it down into categories, keywords and concepts and construct logical (as well as mark as illogical) "strings of thought".

All this is doable AI, to a degree that would be acceptable even for the first stage. Of course as time passes this will be getting better and better, with much competition.

pashute, Jan 07 2016

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       Nobody wants to discuss this?
pashute, Jan 13 2016

       You do.
Toto Anders, Jan 13 2016

       I don't want to talk to the machine. And I certainly don't want it to talk back.
pocmloc, Jan 13 2016


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