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Hose scuba tanks

Flexible hoses hold compressed air
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The metal-cylinder-tanks now in use are not streamlined. They are also too industrial-ish looking. A cluster of high pressure flexible hoses trailing out behind the diver from shoulders and back would offer less drag. The hoses could be different lengths to give a more organic look. The total volume could be the same as the metal tanks.
darkspeed, Jun 27 2010

Microbubble drag reduction http://wasub2.tudel...red%20submarine.pdf
Maybe relevant? [csea, Jun 28 2010]

Cat SCUBA http://icanhascheez...as-scuba-outfit.jpg
probably not what [8th of 7] had in mind though. [kaz, Jun 28 2010]


       //A cluster of high pressure flexible hoses trailing out behind the diver from shoulders and back would offer less drag.//   

       Interesting idea, but very doubtful. Drag is directly related to surface area, and a cluster of hoses capable of holding the same volume of compressed air is likely to have many times the surface area of a single cylinder. [-]
csea, Jun 28 2010

       //too industrial-ish looking.// ... for what? Some sort of beauty contest?
lurch, Jun 28 2010

       csea, I'm sure the surface area would be greater but the " form drag " would be less. lurch, When we watch movies of divers exploring tropical reefs there is such a rush of beauty it seems like the humans are all too underdressed for the venue.
darkspeed, Jun 28 2010

       I claim no expertise in fluid dynamics - " form drag " was a new term for me, but it seems to occur at relatively high velocities.   

       How fast does the average scuba diver travel?   

       Maybe perforating the tentacles/hoses to let out a shroud of tiny bubbles would do the trick [link](?)
csea, Jun 28 2010

       //high pressure flexible// one or the other, not both. You could have small spheres perhaps... that would look organic'ish. [ ]
FlyingToaster, Jun 28 2010

       I'd like to see a scuba tank for a horse - I'd imagine that they'd quite enjoy it.
zen_tom, Jun 28 2010

       SCUBA tanks for cats ... hmmm.
8th of 7, Jun 28 2010

       A link for you [8th of 7]
kaz, Jun 28 2010

       Breathing Dreads?
pppporkins, Jun 28 2010

       Do divers actually travel fast enough for drag to become a problem? Most of the time, when you scuba dive, you are not in a hurry.
Alx_xlA, Jun 28 2010

       /it seems like the humans are all too underdressed /   

       Please link up described movie!   

       Even if it is some hairy frenchmen with an undersized Speedo. OK, especially if it is a hairy frenchman with an undersized Speedo.
bungston, Jun 28 2010


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