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Hover cars

flying cars on magnet cushians
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How about roads with neodydium super magnet tiles, or even ferrite tiles over the width of the road. If the car had one main magnet for lifting force and three or four long poles/supports with mangets on them to stop the car from flipping over you could have hover cars, finally! But a few obvius problems exist, like the fact that any people wearing watches or steel of any kind will stick to the roads. Heres a text diagram of my idea: N_________NNN__________N


LIPOVITAN D, Aug 29 2004

flying cars yay http://www.halfbake...flying_20cars_20yay
seems pretty close to this idea by [hover_dude] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

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wagster, Aug 29 2004

       Is there someone going around posting mad ideas as a first posting, under as many account names as possible?
scubadooper, Aug 29 2004

       generally such ideas are repulsive, this is the polar opposite   

       you won't have that problem with the car flipping over
xx, Aug 29 2004


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