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JCB Knitting

big knitting
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JCB Knitting is a simple concept, but probably quite difficult and requiring great co-ordinated skill to achieve the desired result.

All that is required are two JCBs with the usual back-hoe buckets being substituted by a pair of very large knitting needles. A spool of heavy duty cable acts as the raw material.

The two machines park beside each other, and in a carefully choreographed action begin knitting, their operators using the cable to follow a standard pattern.

The emerging garment is only suitable to hang up somewhere in the form of a piece of sculpture, as even an elephant would be incapable of wearing it.

In an ideal situation, the pattern would result in the creation of a knitted version of large replica JCB.

xenzag, Jul 22 2012

JCB http://blogs.guardi...o.uk/art/jcb460.jpg
[xenzag, Jul 22 2012]

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       This may well be humanity's finest hour.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 22 2012

       I'm thinking of approaching JCB for a sponsorship deal.
xenzag, Jul 22 2012

       "Knit your own motorway flyover for fun and profit"   

8th of 7, Jul 22 2012


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