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Joku Sudoku

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This is a sudoku game that you fill in on the computer screen. But as you fill it in, the game starts playing pranks on you every so often: A number disappears. The columns shift places. All the numbers suddenly get substituted with other numbers [in a one-to-one correspondence]. The board shakes like an earthquake and is hard to look at. A alien runs onto the board and perches in front of a whole 3-by-3 square, preventing you from seeing that square until he leaves. The bold lines every three rows/columns are unbolded, making the puzzle difficult to study. All the numbers in the puzzle turn into Dingbats font, making them hard to distinguish. The computer adds a number for you, which wasn't there before and you didn't type in, and may not be correct [it disappears later]

And so on. Play vs. a friend and the winner is whoever solves their joku sudoku in the shortest amount of time.

phundug, Apr 23 2007

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       I like it. [+] Can also be played on a regular sudoku grid with prior consumption of hallucinogens.
placid_turmoil, Apr 23 2007

       Isn't this Excel?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2007


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