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Live Commemorative Stock Certificate

A framed share of stock with live value indicator.
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My company handed out framed certificates for a single share of stock as a commemorative gesture. It's pretty, but what I really want is to know how much it's worth.

I think a small embedded chip, display, and bluetooth could easiliy get you an area below the certificate that says "This share of ACME stock is worth $5.32.".

Even better would be a graph of the share's value over time.

drzeus, Nov 03 2005

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       Interesting. Once everything has RFIDs in it, one can imagine displaying a real-time value for everything in your house at any given time.
theircompetitor, Nov 03 2005

       I like this. I often give a single share / certificate as a gift to newborns. This doesn’t amuse them until they are much older, but the display might.
Shz, Nov 03 2005


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