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Movie Scene Theme Park

You look fat
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Theme Park of many common sets/scenes where you are filmed and then pick up your tape at the end of the day. Example scenes: (1) Walking away from an exploding car in slow motion. (2) Shooting a star burst automatic weapon while screaming. (3) Graveside breakdown where the camera recedes into to the sky above your kneeling grieving self. (4) "Adaptation"-like in-car accident. (5) Diving catch in a stadium with green screen cheering crowd (6) Vapor rub tears holding the hand of your dying mentor in a hospital ward. etc...
leinypoo13, Nov 27 2010

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       8) Waking up strapped to a lethal device and having to solve a puzzle to escape.
DrWorm, Nov 27 2010

       9) Thank you, Mrs. Robinson. Would you mind locking that door? [+]
Grogster, Nov 28 2010

       There had better be a DVD movie featuring my exploits when I leave.
Alx_xlA, Nov 28 2010

       There are many green screen theme parks.
Is this what you mean?

       //There are many green screen theme parks.   

       Didn't know that. Thought this park would have real sets and action though.
leinypoo13, Nov 29 2010

       /You look fat/   

       Like a fun house mirror sequence ? Be the fifth Beatle or play opposite your favorite movie star?
popbottle, Jan 02 2014

       //star burst automatic weapon// That's the flash suppressor doing its thing. I suppose they could've avoided some confusion with the anti-gun crowd by calling it a flash-diverter, the purpose not being to hide the shooter but to avoid temporary flash-blindness.   

       In the 'States I imagine you could probably arrange for that shot for the price of the overloaded blank cartridges used.   

       //walking away from an exploding car// pure green screen: they go through less actors that way.
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2014


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