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Old office Web-Cam

Remind me why I left...
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A web cam service offered to ex-employees. Any time you're feeling nostalgic, or need reminding why you quit, or even a good laugh, just log on and take a look at you old workspace. Could be the whole office, or better still a close-up of the poor soul stuck in your old cubicle. Will make your new job and/or being unemployed and destitute, seem just that much better. May also prevent being lured back by thinking 'things will be different now'.

**afterthought- I'd pay extra to have my replacement wired with a stress meter that shows his/her current level**

rbl, Nov 22 2002

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       cannot see the employers doing this - there is no motivation for it. however some sort of agency might provide this service for a payment. sneaky videos by a kind of detective agency?
po, Nov 22 2002

       thc, you're a genius. rbl too...
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2002


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