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Pirate Suitability Exam

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Physical and academic testing devised to determine if an individual is qualified to become a successful pirate.
vfrackis, Jul 21 2014

Probably just a lure to get you investing in this... Multilevel_20Marketing_20Piracy
[normzone, Jul 21 2014]

The Pirate Test http://www.okcupid....sts/the-pirate-test
[xandram, Jul 22 2014]

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       Well, jolly well done, [vfrackis].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2014

       As seen on Monkey Island
piluso, Jul 21 2014

       I think this needs more words in between where it says "Pirate Suitability Exam" and where it says "- vfrackis, Jul 21 2014"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 22 2014

       Aren't pirates meant to be men of few words* (meaningful words, anyway)?   

       * except when spinning a yarn
Ling, Jul 22 2014

       Noises, they make noises not words. Yay. +
blissmiss, Jul 22 2014

       Arrrrr!! [+]
Grogster, Jul 22 2014

       Academic tests, as opposed to piractical?
Ling, Jul 22 2014

       Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges!
DrBob, Jul 22 2014


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