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Purpose designed raver shoes

Shoes that spurt powder when raving for ultimate dancing pleasure
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In Melbourne, Australia, the ravers here have an endemic dancing style not like I have seen elsewhere. The style is mainly based around the feet which they swivel from side to side. At raves one sees a myriad of talcum powder deposits on the floor on top of which the crazy ravers are having a marvellous time dancing on the relatively frictionless surface. I propose a shoe for these hedonistic wonders that spurts a spray of talc every so often (say 60 seconds) so to increase dancing pleasure. It could be temperature activated (so it doesn't go off when walking/running) so as not to spurt when not needed and could even have a switch so the raver can decide when he/she needs it for action.
johnny_smooth, May 15 2001

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       Another cool purpose for these shoes would be to put them on whilst sprinting (you could have a switch that allows constant talc spurtage as well as temperature activated) so that when you sprint in looks like you are running so fast your shoes are on fire.
johnny_smooth, May 15 2001

       yes i like this idea. where though are the actual nozzles - on the sides underneath or at the tip of the shoe? Perhaps another nozzle that runs up the inside of your leg to spray intermittent freshness to the raver's sweating crotch?   

       I keep getting this picture of 200 ravers coming out of a warehouse at 5 in the morning caked head to toe in talcum powder looking quite dishevelled - but dry and frictionless.
benfrost, May 16 2001

       What?! You mean The Stomp is out?
thumbwax, Aug 09 2002

       awesome! bet these things'd sell like E at a-- well, you know.
watermelancholy, Aug 10 2002


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