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QR face

a certain solution for a QR code...
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My business card looks like it's going to get a QR code on it...but I prefer a mug shot. Well, I think that there might be a way to solve this petty problem, and I think that is by organising the QR code in such a way as to have all the little dots in just the right mosaic as to form the resemblance of one ugly bastard (me).
Ling, Aug 27 2013

QArt Coder http://research.swtch.com/qr/draw
[the porpoise, Aug 27 2013]

Halfbakery http://research.swt...ow/abe1044ec94696ba
Okay, maybe someone should spend a little more time on this... [scad mientist, Aug 28 2013]

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       baked - within limits.   

       The QR spec permits a portion of dots to be misaligned, discoloured or otherwise unreadable without rendering the encoded data invalid. Several hipster companies have already embedded their company logo into a QR tile.
Tulaine, Aug 27 2013

       Why don't you pixelate, monochrome, and otherwise hammer a photo of your mug into the shape and size of a QR code, then QR scan it and see what comes out?
the porpoise, Aug 27 2013

       get a facial tattoo!
po, Aug 27 2013

       A face is like a QR code.
rcarty, Aug 27 2013

FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2013

       // Why don't you pixelate, monochrome, and otherwise hammer a photo of your mug into the shape and size of a QR code //   

       Why don't you hammer your mug into the shape and size of a QR code, then scan it ?   

       Like retrophrenology, only more disfiguring …
8th of 7, Aug 27 2013

       There is a housing estate near Leicester which, when photographed from the air with a QR-code-aware camera, takes you to the website of the Native Australian Mammals Protection Society.   

       Actually there isn't, but that gives me an idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2013

       In the hometown of my youth, there's a frat house with Greek letters in white shingles on its roof. Being young, impressionable, and not lacking in religious fervor at the time, I thought that they must've been Satanists or aliens or something appropriately evil. Little did I know that they were far worse... college frat boys.
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2013

       Hot doodle, this is entirely baked [link]
the porpoise, Aug 27 2013

       I am simply stunned...What a find! And credit to the Author of the web-site.   

       Thank you very much <the porpoise>.
Ling, Aug 28 2013

       ...QR with a face, making a VRcard, or a Mecard...bringing truth to the phrase;   

       "His face rings a bell..."   

       Ahem, carry on.
Ling, Aug 28 2013


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