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Redundant ergonomic keyboard

Add duplicate middle keys to split keyboards
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Split keyboards are considered ergonomically superior; however, many touch typists, myself included, aren't faithful and true followers of strict touch typing rules. For instance it is not uncommon for me to press 'g' with my right hand, '6' with my left, and 'b', well, 'b' is pretty much always a tossup. If there were a split keyboard with 'v','b','g','t','5','4','6','7','y','h', and 'n' duplicated on both halves of the split I would be an immediate and happy consumer.
fwood, Sep 15 2006

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jutta, Sep 15 2006

       Two keyboards where one slides under the other could be pulled apart to expose just the right level of redundancy.
phundug, Sep 15 2006

       In the old days, a manager would have their secretary type up a document. Constant requirements for document production would involve use of a typing pool. Isn't information technology wonderful - nowadays we're all demoted to the typing pool.
Ian Tindale, Sep 15 2006

       //nowadays we're all demoted to the typing pool.//
Not in the legal profession we're not! People in this office dictate everything, even two line emails.
calum, Sep 15 2006

       //Split keyboards are considered ergonomically superior//   

       This has been disproved. It is now considered better ergonomically to use a standard keyboard. It has also been disproved that the monitor should be at eye level, it is now considered correct to look slightly down on it. This is something I have allways argued was better but no-one would believe me. It is now backed up by research.
webfishrune, Sep 15 2006

       [webfishrune] Now if we can just convince the world that black text on a white screen is not the finest idea, we will be in business. (My monitor is set with the top of the screen at eye level, my keyboard is placed my elbows are at 90 degrees, my mouse and standard keyboard both have wrist rests. I have been using computers pretty much daily since 1989 and have no wrist problems.)
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 15 2006

       //Now if we can just convince the world that black text on a white screen is not the finest idea, we will be in business.//   

       Completely agree. I hardly ever use black-on-white. Sometimes grey-on-black, sometiems black on pale yellow. They seem to also advising against wrist rests now and personally I do not like them but it is of course personal preference.
webfishrune, Sep 15 2006

       wrist rests are bad if you put weight on them. If you just use them as spacers to keep your wrists at a healthy angle they are useful.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 15 2006

       // I have been using computers pretty much daily since 1989 and have no wrist problems.)//

Me neither and I've been slouching in my chair, looking up at the monitor and free of wrist-rests since 1984. Of course my eye-site is now total shit but that's a different matter.

Not sure about the keyboard thing. I use a bog standard, non-split keyboard but I think I would find duplication of keys a bit confusing. I'll keep my powder dry on this one I think.
DrBob, Sep 15 2006


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