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Rename "Halfbakery" to "Punbakery"

Seems to me that more puns emerge from these pages that useful ideas...
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When one reads through the many ideas added to this awesome database, it's quite obvious that most members have a highly developed sence of humor, or at least pun-making (-baking?). Whenever someone annotates an idea, it's almost certain that at least one pun finds its way into the text somewhere (see for example http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Sock_20Cryptography). Maybe it's time for the Bakery to get a new name...


placebo, Sep 14 2001

(?) Non-lame Halfbakery Tagline http://www.halfbake...alfbakery_20Tagline
If it's awful puns you're looking for.. [Jim, Sep 14 2001]

Ici on trouve: ou va lapin http://www.ftls.org...n/HTML/index8.shtml
(8.3) [beauxeault, Sep 14 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sock Cryptography Sock_20Cryptography
placebo's pun-annotated idea [caspian, Jun 01 2006]

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       If we could just get people to knock off the lame puns...
StarChaser, Sep 15 2001

       [Rods] My God that was FAST! - and could even be a Halfbakery tagline itself. Round of applause.
Jim, Sep 18 2001

kuupuuluu, May 31 2006

       This is a pun.
epicproblem, May 31 2006

       What do you call a fishbone passed off as a croisant?   

nihilo, Jun 02 2006


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