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Rude Bow Legged Monkeys

alternative to banana tree.
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Rude Bow Legged Monkeys, are small plastic monkey figures which hang from their finger tips from the edge of any convenient shelving.

They take on the rude aspect when you make them straddle a banana by wedging it between their springy bow legs. This keeps the bananas fresh of course.

xenzag, Jun 22 2010

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       so'd they'd be facing front but their fingers grasping backwards - can monkeys do that?   

       yep am attempting that pose as we speak...   

       oooh ooh, oh, I'm the queen of the swingers.
po, Jun 22 2010

       Now find a large banana, try it again and post the results.
xenzag, Jun 22 2010

po, Jun 22 2010


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