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SMS mini-statement

ATM mini-statements as SMS's
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Most ATMs I see seem to have mini- statements all over the ground blowing around, looking untidy, and also present (somewhat) of a privacy issue to the intended recipient.

Evidently people are forgetting to pickup their mini-statements and just walking off with their cash.

These little bits of paper and ink cost the banks money.

Your bank probably already has your mobile phone number.

Why don't they just text you the your mini-statement ?

A secondary advantage: you would know when somebody was drawing out money from your account. (and where?)

monojohnny, Sep 11 2008

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       ys pls 1
po, Sep 11 2008

       Aren't I already saving the bank money just by using the ATM? When do I get to see some of that in my account?
phoenix, Sep 11 2008

       The cost of paper and ink will be minuscule compared to the 3 or 4p cost of sending a txt.
acemcbuller, Sep 11 2008

       in the US, sending is free. receiving costs money instead ~10p. given I have unlimited text and this could be something you opt into...
astronot, Sep 11 2008

       Good idea, but baked already. I get an SMS whenever the balance changes.
Ling, Sep 11 2008

       //The cost of paper and ink will be minuscule compared to the 3 or 4p cost of sending a txt. //   

       Maybe true: but does it really 'cost' 3-4p for a text ? Isn't this the pass-on charge that mobile providers put on us?   

       Factor in the maintenance- saving for less printer-wear, paper changing (jamming, running out of ink...)   

       //but baked already. I get an SMS whenever the balance changes //   

       So do I, but its not really a standard feature of cash machines to say 'withdraw cash with e-receipt' or something like that.   

       So baked - yeah partially - but its building on that I think..
monojohnny, Sep 12 2008

       Add in the choice to have it sent to a regular email address as well. Definitely a keeper.
Noexit, Sep 12 2008

       // but does it really 'cost' 3-4p for a text ? //   

       For 160 _bytes_ of data over a 9600kB/s voice channel? Course it blimmin doesn't.
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 18 2008

       As <Ling> indicates, some banks do indeed support email and text alerts for various types of account activity. Contact your bank folks to inquire or plead.
luxlucet, Sep 18 2008


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