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Saddle Amp

for cowboys with electric guitars
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The dust against the rising sun Trotting along at dawn My saddle has batterypoweredamplifierinthe saddle.... Plug my strat in for a song


Wake Up Cattle!

IcarusByNight, Nov 18 2005

Zachariah: A Head of His Time http://www.amazon.c...ance&n=130&v=glance
If you enjoyed this idea you might also like the film "Zachariah", billed as the first electric Western, very likely the last electric Western, more than probably the only electric Western, and assuredly the worst electric Western. [jurist, Nov 18 2005]

The Pignose http://www.pignose.com/pignose/pig.htm
Indispensible amplification for the lonesome trail. [wagster, Nov 18 2005]

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       this amuses me!
po, Nov 18 2005

       This amuses me too, so I'm bunning it even though it's well and truly baked (link) - even down to the tan leather and cowboyish styling.
wagster, Nov 18 2005

       Gives the horse a resonating massage at the same time.
skinflaps, Nov 18 2005

       I reckon that this here's a fine idae.   


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