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Security Conveyer

Enough with the stupid trays
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We're about to get stuff driving cars and go to Mars, but we are using an absolutely idiotic process to go through security.

A detachable conveyer system, like a detachable ski lift, with all the appropriate bins for everything from shoes to laptops, secure such that no one can take your wallet out of an essentially unattended bin, which can easily happens now

theircompetitor, Dec 30 2016

Plane lands on white house lawn, 1994 https://en.wikipedi...Frank_Eugene_Corder
[beanangel, Dec 30 2016]

landing gyrocopter on White House lawn as act of protest (2015) http://www.cnn.com/...on-capitol-grounds/
[beanangel, Dec 30 2016]


       More elaboration please. Also, why not just abolish the airport security theatre and denecessitate this improvement?
notexactly, Dec 30 2016

       Although a small passenger plane once (sort of twice! [link]) landed on the White House lawn, I read at an airplane magazine small passenger planes were the last scheduled group to be "securitized" after a few billion air travellers were first. Airport security is very much for show.   

       I think they should have a terrorism deductible, where the first five planes a year are simply ignored, and then we keep the actual trillion dollars instead.
beanangel, Dec 30 2016

       wow, [beany], you were at an airplane magazine? Did you get to see the printing presses and all? I hear it's really cool.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2016


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