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Sleep Switch

Integration between streaming service device and fitness tracker
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Chances are everyone with a couch and a streaming service like Netflix has fallen asleep while watching a show, and then had to go back later and figure out what was the last thing that happened. Frustrating.

Most set-top streaming boxes have bluetooth remote controls. Many modern fitness trackers also have bluetooth, and have built-in sensors that can detect when you are asleep to track your sleep patterns. Connect the two--hey presto, your Netflix knows when you fall asleep, and can turn itself off accordingly.

5th Earth, Aug 14 2020

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       [-] For many people who have just dozed off, the sudden STOPPING of a noise wakes them up. This effect increases by habituation - that is, the more often you fall asleep listening to the radio or watching the telly, the more likely it is you'll wake up if someone/something shuts it off.   

       (edit to add - I'm very familiar with the effect I described above, but having a hard time finding a clinical name / explanation for it. anyone?)
kdf, Aug 14 2020

       Okay, so have it gradually decrease the volume over a period of time, or just bookmark the spot without stopping the show.
5th Earth, Aug 14 2020

       Yes, by itself bookmarking where you dropped off would be useful. Doesn't require turning the player off either. Assuming you'll make it a user definable option (turn off, fade out, leave on), I've flipped my vote. [+]
kdf, Aug 14 2020


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