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Social Sublimation

facebook meditation practice
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This is a practice of using social media in which, every time you see something on facebook or twitter that deserves a witty retort, you sublimate it, is that the right word? -- you just don't type it in and don't tell anyone in real life and you just meditate on the change that you have occurred in the world by not adding to the momentum via witty retort of the specific numnutzery that you have wittnessed.
JesusHChrist, Jul 17 2013

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scad mientist, Jul 18 2013

       Like mathematical calculators, the computer takes over that function of the brain, which likely in the case of math would not have been exercised in the first place in most cases. However, the key area is imagination, as you mention, which was supposedly already destroyed by TV and movies. But the most alarming thing is that the ethereal realm of collective consciousness has reified into networked computer systems as the Internet.
rcarty, Jul 18 2013

       I do most of my halfbakery annos this way - only 10% actually make it through to getting typed out - and only 10% of them get posted - some days I think that might be a little too much!
zen_tom, Jul 18 2013

       Perhaps there could be a third clikky beside each item, <like> <hate> and <sublimate>. Click <like> and the item jumps up the ratings, or has an extra "like" icon added. Click <hate> and it jumps down, or a thumbs-down icon appears, or whatever, all as usual nowadays. But click <sublimate> and nothing apparently happens, but the server keeps count of the number of clicks and as they mount up the item becomes dimmer, eventually fading away to blank if there are enough clicks.
pocmloc, Jul 19 2013


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