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Take A Bullet Luge Tube To Work

For people living in hilly suburbs
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This could be a luge track in some hilly city where downtown is below the suburbs like in Wellington, NZ. People would have single, double or even quad bullet shape covered luges available to shuttle to downtown terminal from top and middle terminals. The luge would be padded and waterproof bullet shape projectile with comfy seats running on curved tracks like on a rollercoaster but running on wheels and gravity. Returning track would run parallel to the luge and same projectiles would be dragged up using cable, like on a skilift. Less adventurous people would take slower cable option going down. There would be several tracks running down the hills like rivers and some system to synchronise the zipping in of the luge bullets when two tracks meet.
Pellepeloton, Sep 17 2006

Count me in. Land_20luge_20commuter_20lanes
[normzone, Sep 17 2006]

Street Luge http://www.streetluge.com
Street Luge [webfishrune, Sep 19 2006]

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       Count me in.
normzone, Sep 17 2006

       You'd have to raise them above street level to avoid traffic at cross roads. Other than that, I can't see a problem. Apart from the fact that luges don't run on tracks, they rocket freely down slippery channels. Still a plus from me though.
squeak, Sep 18 2006

       Elegant. I suspect that if you're intrepid enough to take the non-cable luge on the way down, you'll be in no hurry to return to the suburbs.
pigtails_and_ponies, Sep 18 2006

       These luge tracks would have be made with steel tubes on the corners for safety and straight open sections would be covered with plexiglas on top. Full cover would be important to keep the snow away in colder climater and stop flooding in tropical countries with rainy season. So it would be a lugetube. The luge car itself would have rubber wheels and some braking device for nervous people. Steering not required. Braking would be automatic to syncronise the speed with other luges on the track for safety.
Pellepeloton, Sep 19 2006

       Have you seen Street Luge? See the link.
webfishrune, Sep 19 2006

       From the description, it sounds more like 'rollercoaster' or 'bobsled' than 'luge... but fun, nonetheless.
Almafeta, Sep 19 2006

       If you sit, it's a bobsled. If you lay on your stomach, it's a skeleton, if you lay on your back, it's a luge. If you go without, it's because your clumsy ass slipped.
shapu, Sep 19 2006

       If many people start taking a luge to work, it may be necessary to place spittoons by the entrances.
bungston, Sep 20 2006

       "Full cover would be important to keep the snow away in colder climater and stop flooding in tropical countries with rainy season. So it would be a lugetube."   

       - so basically you're describing Monty Burns vacuum powered postal tube system in The Simpsons?   

       nice... :)
Argentaffin, Sep 20 2006

       I have not seen the Monty Burns vacuum tube system. This would not be vacuum tube, in fact quite the opposite. That lead me to another safety improvement. Sealed tube in some steep areas would provide cushioning between the bullet shape carts slightly smaller diameter than the tube. So if some reason the cart behind you is faster it would created cushion of air between you to stop collision.   

       Carts could be sealed like pump valves letting air through one way but sealing the other way.
Pellepeloton, Oct 01 2006

       I'm a student. My commute is uphill both ways.
LoriZ, Apr 27 2017

       //You'd have to raise them above street level to avoid traffic at cross roads.//   

       Create jumps at intersections a la "Hotwheels"(TM)
AusCan531, Apr 28 2017


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