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Need to check your math, but no adding machine available and you've run out of fingers ?

Call the number on your screen and use your touch-tone or dial telephone as an adding machine to punch in the list.

# for + (or + last entry),
* for - (or - last entry),
*# to hear subtotal,
#* to hear total and clear.

Long distance charges may apply.

FlyingToaster, Oct 07 2014

US 5,949,857 http://www.google.com/patents/US5949857
Telephone DTMF signal accessible data processor with calculator program [the porpoise, Oct 08 2014]

Telecaster http://www.abalonev...ar_elite_photos.htm
[normzone, Oct 08 2014]

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       + 555-5555 # 5000   

       What button is minus ?
popbottle, Oct 08 2014

       ^ ah, lol, fixed.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2014

       ## for multiply
** for divide There could be a book of ever more complicated codes for different functions, e.g. **#*## for sqrt, or ••####*## for arcsin.
pocmloc, Oct 08 2014

       '###' could be used to get at all the unusual functions, using the letters which are printed on your phone's keypad to identify them, so ###74 is Pi, ###76 ("sn") is Sin, ###27 ("cs") is Cos, ###39 ("ex") is exponent, etc.
hippo, Oct 08 2014

       I like this idea a lot.   

       So, it pains me to [link].   

       Good idea still.
the porpoise, Oct 08 2014


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