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Termite Demolishers

(no, not that) : get termites to carry out demolition work
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It's really expensive to get humans in to do demolition work, and termites love it. Get a large termite cooperative, buy them a van to get between jobs, and hey presto - you'd get your demolition done for next to nothing.
neilp, Jul 16 2003

lost dog's club found http://www.chrishobbs.com/1982.htm
search for 'bare hands' on this page [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

feedme's link after a lot of fiddling and detective work and tweaking etc... http://www.glossosa...20/housewreck10.jpg
hope it's fucking worth it! [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       How are they going to drive the van?
lostdog, Jul 16 2003

       ter..might be tricky. probably why it's not been baked yet.   

       Perhaps they could just cycle between jobs
neilp, Jul 16 2003

       i've worked plenty of demolition jobs myself - me and a truckload of ex-cons making minimum wage to whack at drywall with crowbars. it's actually a pretty high-demand temp job. a better idea for cheap demolition would be to get a few punk rock bands together at the place you want to wreck, provide a keg, and let their fans destroy the place from within. (liability waivers signed before the show, of course.)
feedmewithyourkids, Jul 16 2003

       I'm sure that, many years ago, I read a news story about a Karate club who demolished a small, decrepit house using only their bare hands. Although it's possible I might have dreamed it.
lostdog, Jul 16 2003

       [ld] see link - it's true !
neilp, Jul 16 2003

       That's the easy part. The tough part is building a house with your bare hands. You know, Karate chopping boards accurately, pounding nails with your fist, painting.
Worldgineer, Jul 16 2003

       perhaps kung-flue would help with the chimney construction
neilp, Jul 16 2003

       Be careful not to pop a woody while you're driving them around.
LabRat, Jul 16 2003

       [neilp]: One problem: Steel construction.
Cedar Park, Jul 17 2003

       //a better idea for cheap demolition would be to get a few punk rock bands together at the place you want to wreck, provide a keg, and let their fans destroy the place from within.//
A bunch of us did just that in '85.
thumbwax, Jul 17 2003

       Yes, by only having one keg you inflame their anger when the beer runs out.
krelnik, Jul 17 2003

       Collect the methane released for compression into truck fuel. They should work out great (we geneticists sometimes use a crack team of highly trained phlebotomist mosquitoes).
n-pearson, Jul 17 2003

       <a href="http://www.glossosaurus.com/meta/images/20030420/housewreck10.jpg"> Bring Your Own Bat</a>
feedmewithyourkids, Aug 09 2003

       oh for goodness sake, use the link button!
po, Aug 09 2003


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